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i-ChemData is a searchable database software designed to provide quick information required for carrying out Chemistry Practical/experiments.
In this version 1, Organic chemistry Database for Functional Group Analysis of Monofunctionalorganic compounds at undergraduate level has been prepared.

The role of practical work in the teaching and learning of science at under-graduate level is important.While carrying out the analysis of organic compounds, students are required to refer to literature for the various parameters associated with the organic compound correlating their outcomes with those given in literature, viz, its m.p/b.p, functional group, aliphatic/aromatic, m.p of derivatives, etc. In addition, their spectral information is also required. Manual search using books leads to time wastage and also one has to refer to many books to get all the relevant data.

In this technological era with ever growing connectivity, there was a need of a database specially designed to meet this purpose. It is with this aim that this software has been developed so that the data of various organic compounds can be searched on the click of a button!

In this database, the search can be done either by typing the name (common/IUPAC) or by selecting the functional group present and giving the m.p/b.p range of the organic compound. Many parameters associated with each organic compound are provided in the tabular format (like Common name, IUPAC name, m.p/b.p, aliphatic/aromatic, functional group and molecular mass). To know more details, click on "details" in the extreme right column for getting information like structure, spectra (Mass, NMR and IR), 2-3 derivatives and their melting points.

In addition to providing the requisite information in no time, i-ChemData shall also equip students as well as teachers to get adapted to the ICT tools for educational endeavours. It shall help enhance the quality of teaching-learning at undergraduate level.

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